Two Generations

This is an image of my Grandfather, Jack Stillman, my brother Craig and I. We all served our country in the armed forces. Jack made the greatest contribution by serving during wartime.

The picture shows us all during our basic training: Craig and I at Kapooka NSW (1992 and 1989 respectively) and Jack at Cerberus in Melbourne Victoria (circa 1942).

Grandad Jack would always rib us about not joining “The Senior Service” (as he referred to the Navy) because it was established first in Australia under the British (Although it officially became the Royal Australian Navy in 1911). Right or wrong, it was all in good fun and this kind of inter-service, inter-corp ribbing is all part of ones duty as an Australian Serviceman (term includes women).

Anzac day is an important day for our nation. It allows us to pay homage and show gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Australian way of life. But I hope it also reminds us all that our lucky country came at a price. None of what we enjoy today as freedom is owed to us. It was paid for my men and women who put themselves in harms way for the good of an ideal. That ideal is “Australia”. Lets enjoy it but lets not forget who paid the bill.

Lest we forget.