10 Things Every Man Should Carry<br/>Every day

Here is my list of essentials for every man (and woman) to carry with them on a daily basis. It’s not a definitive list and if you have some ideas that I have missed please share them with the whole class. 

If you have these items with you at all times I guarantee you will find ways to use more than one daily. And remember: Adventure can happen at any moment.

  1. A blade

Specifically I recommend a utility blade because it’s cheap, contractible, light and self-sharpening. I loose track of the amount of times I use my blade on a weekly basis to open a parcel, cut some string or sharpen a vampire stake.

Caution: I am not condoning carrying a knife (or a vampire stake) for self-defence or to use as a weapon. The law in most states in Australia says that if you are found carrying an item under circumstances that could cause a person to fear you could use it as a weapon, the onus of proof is on you that this is not the case. It’s a pretty fine line to tread. If you intend attracting the attention of the boys in blue, best skip this one. 

  1. A pen and paper
This is pretty self-explanatory. How are you going to copy down that hot chicks phone number and/or car rego without a pen and paper. Some other uses for this duo:
  • The deconstructed pen body can be used as a straw (Don’t start me on the uses for a straw!)
  • The paper can be used to help start a fire
  • Use paper to fix a wonky chair or table
  1. Screw drivers
Lets face it: Superheros don’t lift school buses of distressed kids and punch meteorites out of the sky, they fix shit with a timely produced screw driver! A Phillips head is an absolute must but so it a flat tip. I recommend a 4 to 6 size flat tip and a PH0 to PH3 Phillips Head. One each of these should be enough to cover most situations. Some other uses for screw drivers.
  • The tip of a Phillips head screw driver can be used shatter a pane of glass by placing the metal tip against a window and striking the butt of the handle with your palm (use this new power for good).
  • Flat tip screwdrivers are handy levers and pry’s.
  • Both can be used effectively in self defence against zombies (hint: go for the brain).
  1. Torch 

Did you know that the new operating systems for most smart phones have a torch feature built into it? On my iPhone it’s accessible from the lock screen. I’m not too sure where to access it when it comes to other phones as I have always been pretty careful with my money….BOOM!

A suitable torch can also be used:

  • As a signal device
  • In self defence to dazzle an attacker
  • To create a scary face lighting effect to impress women.
  1. Fire

Since the dawn of time, he who controlled the fire got the ladies.

Also, this stuff:

  • Sterilising
  • Use as a signal light
  • Removing loose threads from clothing (burn those suckers right off!)
  • Quaterising nylon ropes (and severed limbs)
  1. Tweezers

We’ve all heard the story about the lion who gets a thorn stuck in his paw and the guy comes along and he pulls the thorn out and the lion is grateful and later the lion saves the guy from some shitheads and yada yada yada. Get some tweezers! That shit could happen!

They’re also good for:

  • Retrieving things from tight spaces
  • Scribing a cut line along a straight edge
  • Cleaning under finger nails
  • Oh yeah, and pulling splinters
  1. USB Power Bank

I’ve only come across these recently. Essentially they are small pre-charged USB power sources that you can use to provide an emergency charge your phone or other USB devices. The one below is a perfect size in my opinion.

  1. Marker Pen

A fine tip marker pen is a must in my book. An always-handy thing to have when you need it:

  • Writing your name on your stuff
  • Marking cut lines or measure points
  • Marking casualties for triage and snake bite
  • Drawing moustaches and penises on the faces of your passed out drunk friends
  1. Ruler

I always carry a tailor’s tape measure. It’s compact and highly functional. If you need a straight edge the world is full of them; try to find something around you. Another tip is to measure some of your other tools like your pen or screwdrivers and write their lengths on them (with your marker pen). You can then use these end-on-end to give you a rudimentary gauge of measure. 

  1. Nail Clippers.

Aside from keeping your hands manly, who knew nail clippers could be otherwise so useful:

  • Cutting thin wire, fishing line or cord especially in hard to reach places
  • Can be used a tweezers
  • Cutting and stripping wire
  • Ironically any task you’re incapable of performing because your nails are clipped too short.


So the next question is: "how can I carry all of this stuff?"... Well.....