Dead Gauntlet - The making of

Dead Gauntlet - The making of
Four new pages of FREE comic Dead Gauntlet. I also intend to share with you some secrets regarding the comic that may surprise you so read on.

It has taken me a while but four new pages of my FREE comic Dead Gauntlet have now been released. I also intend to share with you some secrets regarding the comic that may surprise you so read on.

Dead gauntlet follows the story of Jack as he motors across a post-apocalyptic zombie strewn wild West. And by wild West I mean my home state, Western Australia.

I have always loved comic books and graphic novels so, under the vise of a marketing exercise, I wrote my own. Not sure how many new customers I have generated but hey; it’s been fun.

The artist for dead gauntlet is one Juan Pablo Masa. Juan is a Buenos Aires based comic book artist with an amazing talent. Not just is his art but also in his interpretation of my crude comic script writing which is apparently not the same as movie script writing (in which I was formally trained).

Anyway here is some trivia regarding Dead Gauntlet that only true fans of Jack Stillman and snippets of worthless blab would be interested in:

Many of the main characters in the comic book are based on friends and members of my family. For example the barman on page 2 is it actually my father Eric Stillman. The large brutish character Craig is based heavily on my brother who is also named… Craig (see what I did there…). And Jack’s motorcycle is pretty much entirely based on my good mate Wenley Andrews famous custom Triumph, Moose. Other characters are named after or based on people and characters I have met on my adventures through life thus far.

On page 5 when Jack smashes into a hoard of rampaging zombies with Moose, he brandishes his weapon of choice: A hooligan bar. A Hooligan bar is a solid caste steel rescue tool that is designed for forcing entry to doors, windows and vehicles. The use of it in Dead Gauntlet as the ultimate zombie-smiting appliance comes from a conversation I had with my work colleagues and good mates Gary "Taffe" Williams and Kris Lowden. On the 22nd of December 2012 during night shift, when working in emergency services on a remote mine in WA’s Pilbara, we compared our tactics and weapons of choice should the world truly turn to shit. As you may have picked up that was when the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world. Thankfully, it never happened!
Have you noticed the Jack Stillman accessories carried by the character Jack in the comic…? Some pretty cool stuff there I must say.

Anyone lucky enough to order a Jack Stillman bag or wallet since mid October 2015 will have noticed that the liner on my bags is now the Dead Gauntlet comic. Which I think is personally, pretty damn cool.


Right then. Enough of this dribble. Click this link to download your free edition of Dead Gauntlet.

Any ideas on where the story can go? Leave your comments below and I may just write them in.