David Beckham Sunglasses - Made for Riding

David Beckham Sunglasses - Made for Riding

David Beckham likes his balls, spice, motorcycles and ink. And he's recently launched his own range of quality eyewear for like-minded dudes. Specifically, he's designed some sunnies that protect your eye's and your sense of style while riding and fit comfortably inside a motorcycle helmet. 

As part of our quest to bring you the nice things, Jack Stillman is now an official stockist of the David Beckham range. 

On the first inspection, you can see the Italian quality of this eyewear. They are manufactured in Italy by sunglasses stalwarts Safilo who were making sunnies for Mussolini since 1934. And that pedigree rewards you with attention to detail and design features that make the investment in these spectacular spectacles easier to swallow. 

The Beckham range lenses are made with mineral glass instead of plastic making them hardwearing, scratch-resistant and overall better for ogling. They also have various lens options including polarized lenses and photochromatic lenses that react to sunlight to change the intensity of the tint. This gives the wearer an advantage when coming from or into the shade or high glare locations.

Mr Beckhams motorcycle range is limited to two frame styles but you can choose between 4 different lenses including the photochromatic and coloured option. The moto styles encompass a traditional Aviator and a heavy acetate solid frame. The kicker is that this range was designed by bike enthusiast Beckham who wanted glasses that would easily wear underneath a motorcycle helmet. 

Near as I can tell this is achieved by incorporating a narrower frame and less angular arms that, while only 3mm thick, seem to slip into my open face Bell Scout helmet much easier than my Rix or a standard pair of Rotal Aquamarines. I also carried out my test using my Superdry reading classes and the Beckham frames slipped past my temples like commando knife compared to the others. Needless to say, I endorse the helmet friendly claims of my man Beckham. 

As a final clincher, I am told that each pair of Beckham sunglasses are made in such a way that the tinted lenses can be easily removed and fitted with prescription glass by your optometrist. So if you really like a particular Beckham style, you can look the goods while looking good. 

If you want to take a closer look at the David Beckham eyewear range you can now do so in our Fremantle WA store of online. If there’s a particular style or lens combination that we don’t have in stock we can order them in for you and have them lickety-split!

 See the collection here.