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T100 Fat Tracker & Solo - Rogue Motorcycles

T100 Fat Tracker & Solo - Rogue Motorcycles

Unfortunately I can’t tell you too much about this bike because Billy and Silvie from Rogue Motorcycles are red-lining for their own overseas jaunt in two weeks. They and baby Helena are off home to Belgium to see the family in July.

So let's just enjoy these awesome pics taken by Jordan Leist after a quick summary.

It’s a T100 Bonneville donor bike that’s been given the classic scrambler treatment including that ridiculously chunky front tyre, SC Project (GP70-R) flute and some damn sexy looking high set pipework for making your thighs warm.

Does it look more legit with the low mounted auxiliary spotlight?

Of course it’s hard not to mention that soft pannier provided by yours truly. It’s a Solo Messenger Bag which has mounting loops reinforced into the back of the bag making it possible to use as a side bag for motorcycles and bicycles. It’s worth checking out the mounting rod that Billy fabricated for the bag. The Solo simply slips on and off through the provided loops keeping the bag taught and in place until you need it to carry your bananas. The Solo has a simple flap configuration that seals off the inside of the bag when the flap is folded down. It’s practical for keeping dust and rain out of your business.

Billy and Bike

Front view

Sexy profile


Blogs and copy wrote by Jarrod Stillman andJangle E-Commerce photo's by Jordan Leist.