Leather Care

My recommendation for the leather care is pretty easy; just use the bag. The crazy horse style of leather has a very slight nap to it (the slight fury feel). Is intended to look distressed and it's a little bit thirsty. In a short amount of time it is going to look even more used. Parts will go smooth and other parts darker. I love how this leather ages over time: embrace it or go mad!

Leather is dead skin so it needs to be used to be kept malleable and moist. In most cases environmental moisture and the oils from your hands is enough to keep the right amount of moisture in the leather. So periodically just rub your hands on the bag.

If you want to change the appearance of the leather, or if you return from being marooned in the desert for a month, add some leather salve or a light oil. This will ultimately "add" moisture to the leather so be prepared for the change and don't add too much. Be especially cautious because, as I said, this type of leather is thirsty so it's extremely difficult to oil it evenly. My advise is to avoid adding oil and be cautious when adding a salve or similar (on this particular leather).

I hope this information helps. If it doesn't, please let me know.