10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty
I am so confident in the manufacturing and materials used in my bags (made after December 2018) that I now offer a 10 year guarantee. So if something fails that is directly attributable to our making process or to a failure of materials we use we will repair or replace at our cost.

All Jack Stillman bags, luggage and accessories are handmade in small batches from the best materials. That is why we stand by our 10 year warranty on workmanship and hardware. So if something fails that is directly attributable to our making process or to a failure of the hardware we use we will repair or replace at our cost.

Things we can cover,

  • If after 2 years the pin in one of the solid brass snap hooks inexplicably pops out, we will fix it.
  • If after 1 year our nylon stitching begins to unravel and come loose on your Commodore, that’s probably on us. So we will fix it at our expense.
  • If a Brass Chicago Screw un-screws after 3 years and you lose the male coupling, stress not! We will send you a new one free of charge.

What we can't cover:

  • If you overfill your bag and then have to struggle to do the zip up and it breaks, that's not really our fault is it?
  • If the canvas begins to fray because something you keep in the bag rubs a hole in it, it's not really fair to blame that on us. More examples below. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to make excellent, functional and tough bags to Australian standards. We want messenger bags, backpacks, satchels and wallets that get used and that serve their owners for decades. If an item can be improved, we want to know about it.

That does not mean our products are indestructible. No single piece is immune to damage by use or from coming into contact with something that can hurt it. Our warranty covers our workmanship and hardware and our belief that if you treat your property well it will last at least 10 years and probably longer.  

Your Commitment

If you buy one of products on the basis of our 10-year warranty we ask of you the following simple commitment: look after your investment.

Our gear is made to a standard that is not easily matched. It’s not just the way they are assembled, it’s the way they are designed and the materials we use that defines their toughness. But even solid marble statues get damaged or wear away eventually.

Your product is made of durable leather, brass and waxed cotton canvas but it isn’t titanium, carbon fibre and stainless steel wire. If you consider the materials your satchel is made from in the context of what they are meant to do, you could well be handing it down to your grandchildren one day.

Jack Stillman bags are designed to look better with age but to enjoy that character you need to take some responsibility for helping it to reach a ripe old age. Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

  • Don’t overload it. Consider the intended purpose of the bag. All laptops are not equal. Continually loading up your messenger bag with backbreaking weight is going to take its toll on both of you.
  • Watch for uneven wear or tear. If one particular spot on your satchel canvas is wearing away it’s probably because something is rubbing against it and it’s only gonna get worse. There are ways to fix the problem early. 
  • Keep it dry and let it breathe. Fabrics and leather will get mouldy; just like your feet.
  • Maintain it. The leather parts of your bag would love you to keep them conditioned and just slightly moisturised from time to time. The canvas and the brass would love you to keep them waxed and clean. All of these processes help keep your bag protected and functioning as well as add that Jack Stillman character I know you want.

What is not covered?

At Jack Stillman we are all proud of the products we are making and the sustainable message they spread. But it’s also a family business. So please keep this in mind when asking us to honour our warranty promise. If we have failed, hit us up. If you’re just looking to take advantage of our generous spirit, please don’t.

For example:

  • Jack Stillman bags and wallets are meant to age well and develop that “well used” character. The leather will darken and patina, the canvas will fade unevenly, the brass will oxidise. At least we hope this will all happen! If you want your bag to look the same in 10 years as the day you receive it, you’ve missed the point.
  • If something happens that causes damage to your bag please take responsibility for it. We all make mistakes but our warranty doesn't assume responsibility for damage though use. 
  • It’s your property. Use it, abuse it, thrash it, crash it, feed it to a bear (please take pictures). If you do more than one of the above and get joy out of your bag, hit us up when and if it breaks and we will give you an awesome trade-in on a new one. Just don't ask us to replace it for free.


This warranty applies to bags and accessories made after October 2018. We will cover issues related to faulty materials or workmanship including postage up to 6 months from the day you receive your item. Repairs for breakages after this time may require return postage costs at the customer's expense.